St. Francis – Gary Kester

March 15 –  Sunday March 15 was the Third Sunday in Lent.  Bishop Hartley began his sermon by noting that we are half-way through Lent and we should be evaluating our lives and asking ourselves if we live up to our Christian ideals in our own lives.  The Gospel for the day, St. Luke 11:14, gives us a demonstration of God’s power at work and a lesson in our responsibility as Christians.  In this passage Jesus casts out a devil and the people marvel at it but some accuse Him of doing it through Beelzebub or Satan but Jesus reads their thoughts and gives them a lesson in His authority as contrasted with Satan, in the famous statement that “a house divided against itself falleth.” Division causes any organization to fall apart, and Jesus tells the story of a strong man who is secure until a stronger one comes & defeats him.  In this parable, Satan is strong but Jesus is the stronger one who defeats him.  In this lesson we are reminded of the priority of God’s word against worldly power.

Thursday was my third appointment at the Bone & Joint Center in Springfield with the doctor who has been treating the broken arm I suffered in a fall on the ice in January and the news was good.  The doctor says the bone is healing although there is still a ways to go.  I’m to continue physical therapy here in Ava & go back to the doctor in April, he hopes for the last time.

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