Smallett – Margaret Rosseau

March9 – Sunday morning service was opened with prayer and and music. 

Trae and Kendra Shelton read scripture then Kendra sang two beautiful songs. 

Brother Evans sang a special.

Brother Evans brought the message from Exodus, “God’s message from the Burning Bush.” 

I went to Springfield on Thursday, to visit my sister, Violet Flair. We shopped for food for me to take to our cousin, who had knee replacement surgery. While there I also visited with Donna and Dan Morris. 

Delmar and I went to Mtn. Grove one day and ate lunch. 

Delmar is having trouble walking. His legs are just giving out on him. 

I visited in the nursing home with Charlotte Willis and others. 

While there, I enjoyed the Skyline Church music. 

Delmar and I went to the nursing home in Ozark and visited with Raymond Hampton and Norma Bogart. 

Visitors in our home were Bevy Moore, Rusty, Becky and Maeson Carter, Donna Bannister, Gerldeen Carter, Beth Blackwood, Roy Johnson, Betty LaGue, Kay Peak and Shirley Smith. 

Until next week, remember we all need God.