High Lonesome- Linda Orick

March 15 – Hello spring, where are you? We are more than ready. People sure have had a hard time dealing with the much unwanted mud. Our weather seems to  be like we had last year.

At the store at Mound, John Siler, David Halcomb, Boone Hodge, Daryl Armour and Betty Satterfield had lunch together. I hear the food is good. Still the same things you can buy but have added to it. 

Sun. Feb. 23, John and Connie Siler stopped by and grandaughter, Hope and Daniel and visited. Sun. Brad, Amanda and Araina Evans visited their grandparents, Junior and Betty Halcomb. 

Brad Siler’s family got moved to the former Bob Siler farm. Sandy community gained a good family. Brad is a deacon at Sandy Church. They will be good neighbors. Neighborhood needs good people willing to help their community and friends. I rate the family very high.  A couple got  stuck in the creek, 2.5 miles from our house. I sure don’t like to have a knock at the door of the night time and no car around. All ended well. 

Connor Applegate celebrated his birthday March 12th. Mercy, tomorrow is Friday the Thirteenth. We wish you many more. 

Visitors have been John Siler and David Halcomb, and some I didn’t get their names. 

We visited Gary and Dillion Morrison, March 12th. Some of them had been to St. Louis to a wedding. On the weekend we visited Bo Morrison’s daughter and Jayme and family. They had been down Boulder’s Fork, visiting Bo and George, who were working.

Pray this terrible virus and flu bug leave. 

A very large number of robins were in the yard and our Oak Tree sound like black bird before a cold spell. Probably 100 or more. Spring is here. Wanda Hutchinson and Hazel Maggard went with Barbara Day to see little Preston Powell. He is Wanda’s great grandson. Barbara took him a gift. Grandma Wanda said he sure is a cute little boy. 

Jerry Hutchinson seems like is having a hard time gaining this strength back from the stroke he had. Remember him in your prayers. He is an active person and he doesn’t like slowing down so much. 

We had a nice chat with Reverend John Clemons parents at the Ozark Walmart. They live on the Morrison cut-off. 

Sat. Feb. 29th very pretty day, people out riding around. James and I visited George Morrison. He and Bo are making a pipe corral. Jerry Nelson was behind us with his dogs, Trump and Lady Bug. Jerry went on down the holler, that road is terrible. The day of Cheryl Holloways’s funeral, people drug their vehicles getting to the cemetery. He drove down to the Boulder Fork cemetery. 

March 1 came in like a lion on Boulder Fork. People are thinking about tater planting day. 

Dad put those suckers in the ground, bad sign or good sign. He always had a good crop. Mar. 17th the only day for him. 

The Martins will soon be coming and April the hummer will appear. Mar. brings the ticks, mushrooms sometimes if the weather is cool. 

I am getting old enough, you forget what you told to someone and may repeat yourself. Same goes for writing. I have to jot things down since the mailing changes. 

Pray all this flu and virus go away and our country puts the right President back in. 

Sympathy sent to the Mills’ family in the loss of their loved one. The family was good friends of my sister and her husband, Sybil and Oren Harvill and family. Started out where’s spring found it.