Gentry- Charlotte Reich

March 15 – Opening service with prayer was Joie Welker. In our Sunday school class we studied not to try and give God something He didn’t ask for like David and Nathan wanted to build a house for the Lord to dwell in. God has great pleasure in giving gifts and blessing His children. 

Happy birthday wishes went out to Sharon Welker, Otis Bell, Dwight Dammon, Preston Akers and Shellie Lee. 

Special song by Gentry choir. 

Out third Friday night singing is March 20th 7pm, come and join us, snacks afterward. 

Wednesday night Bible study at 7pm and choir practice at 6:30.

Pastor Comers Morning Message was from Matthew Chapter 28. 

The good news of Jesus Christ is alive and well, all power has been given to Him. Lo I am with you always even to the end of the world, in these times now, fear not and trust in the Lord. 

A large crowd attended our 3rd Sunday dinner, and due to the rainy weather, we postponed the kite flying.