County Line – Veda Bushong

March 23 – Donna Dodson was here on Monday. She and Megan Goforth went to Springfield on Tuesday. They came by when they got back.

Michael Dodson and Bryse went fishing on Tuesday.

Amy Croney called me on Wednesday.

Donna and the nurse were here on Wednesday. That was the nurse’s last visit.

Macee and Donna were here on Thursday.

Bentley Iott visited David and Donna on Friday.

Donna came by on her way to work.

I went to Keith and Melanie Breeding’s home on Saturday to help Macee celebrate her 13th birthday. Donna and Megan made her cupcakes, brownies for sundaes, and strawberry shortcake here then took them to surprise Macee. Others dropping by throughout the day were David and Donna, Mike and Cass and Bryse, Jimmy, Joanna, Charliegh and Monte, Lionel, Leslie, Maggie, Josie, Grady, Megan and Quin. 

Reece sent her a gift. He came by on Sunday to see her, Quin, Megan, Melanie and Keith. He also visited Cole Atnip in Seymour.

Quin Breeding spent Sunday night with David and Donna.

Macee spent Saturday night with Maggie Potter.

Bryse Dodson and Nate Crandall went to Nixa Bowling Friday night. Bryse and James Hinrich went to Springfield on Sunday. He visited his dad a couple of times this week to work on fishing stuff.

Mike and Cass, Lionel and Leslie, Jimmy and Joanna visited Keith and Melanie on Sunday. They are putting flooring down and appreciate the help.