County Line – Veda Bushong

March 2 – Get well wishes to all the sick.

Those here on Monday were David and Donna Dodson, Diana Davis, Deana Porter, and my nurse. I had a fall but am okay. David and Donna got me up.

Donna and Michael Dodson were here on Tuesday. Michael and Cassandra Cornett and Ruger went to Mtn. Grove Monday, Wednesday and Friday to the basketball games. Keith and Melanie, Quin and Macee went to the game Friday night.

Donna and Melanie Breeding were here on Wednesday.

Donna was here on Thursday and Macee came with her on Friday.

I had phone calls from Linda Rogers of Illinois and Debra Reed of Kansas.

Donna, Quin, and Brayde Koop went to Springfield on Saturday to help Reece Goforth move some furniture. Donna brought me some fast food. 

Amy Croney, Challa and Ashlin, Diane Davis, Chase Dodson, Dallee Porter, Deana Porter and Donna all visited me on Saturday. Amy, Challa, Ashlin, Diana and I went to eat and listen to the music at a local restaurant.

Those visiting Keith and Melanie Breeding, Quin, Macee, and Megan on Saturday to help install new flooring were Michael Dodson, Cassandra Cornett, Ruger & Bryse Dodson, Lora Potter, Maggie, Josie and Grady, Jimmy and Joanna Lafferty, Charlee & Monte, and Donna Dodson. Maggie spent Saturday night with Macee.

Donna was here on Sunday. She brought me breakfast and some desserts.

Those at Keith and Melanie’s on Sunday afternoon were Lionel, Leslie, Maggie, Josie and Donna.

Reece Goforth and August visited family and friends on Sunday.