Church of the Living God- Bevy Moore

March 15 – Wed. Evening Bible study was led by Pastor Gary, on the subject of alcohol. 1st Cor. 6:10, and Ecc. 11:9, Ask yourself,”Does it glorify God?”

Sunday morning attendance was 26. Brother Donn Lunn opened the service with prayer and worship. Sister Linda Roberts finished the study of Revelation. Revelation 21:1-22. Special  singing was by Pastor Gary. Pastor Gary brought the morning message of “A Damascus Experience.” Acts 9:1-16.

Sunday evening special singing was by Sister Linda Roberts and Lora Hubbard and I. For the youth service Brother Jared Martin brought the message of “Cain,” Gen. 4:1-17.

This week we visited Mike and Connie Burris and Ellie Doran, Jeff and Lora Hubbard, Delmar and Margaret Rosseau. 

Birthdays this week were Dralynn West and Haley Hare. Anniversaries were John and Lauren Weyrauch.  Prayer requests were for the Russell Doran Family, Stella King, Kevin Fleetwood, the Darrel George Family, the Jackie Cornelius family, the Gary Nokes Family, Marie Sherman, our country, and our local churches. 

Next Saturday is the Men’s Breakfast at church at 7:00 am. All men welcome. 

Service times are Sunday, 10:00 am and 6:00 pm, and Wednesday 7:00 pm. Pastor Gary Moore 543-3785. Associate Pastor Don Lunn 250-0477.