Caney News – Janice Lafferty

March 15 – SS opened with congregational singing. Brother Jack Essary welcomed everyone to service. Prayer requests and praise reports taken. Sister Janice Lafferty led in prayer. 

Jack read Ps. 130 for our devotion. The Lord wants us to return to Him, serve and love Him. 

After SS we began praise and worship with testimonies, Jeff Shipley, and Melissa Harmon. Service continued with congressional singing. Special music was by Melissa Harmon.  

Brother Jack Essary spoke this morning. His Scripture was Is. 51.1-5. 

We need to be working and doing for the Lord. We need to put our trust in Him. He will help us through any situation. The choice is yours, to believe and trust in Him. Don’t put your trust in earthly things. They will decay. Chose Christ. The greatest gift ever offered. 

Sunday evening we were blessed to have the Clemans family to join us in worship. Brother Bill welcomed everyone. Brother Rex Clemans took our concerns to the Lord. 

Special music was by Sam and Judy Clemans and most of their family sang. Sam Clemans gave his testimony. 

Brother Jack Clemans spoke for us. His Scriptures was Mark 12:18-27 and 2 Kings 6:11-17. 

Where is our vision? What is your purpose?

We err because we don’t know the Scripture. Look how the world has changed. Church, what are we doing? Are we sitting till we die? Church, we need to move forward, show the world the power of God. When Jesus is what we have, He is all we need. Christians stand up! The world is trying to destroy our Jesus and His way. Have we forgotten the Scriptures? Have we forgotten the power of God?

Wonderful words. 

Last Week’s News  

March 8 – Caney Sunday School opened with singing praises to the Lord. 

Brother Jack Essary welcomed everyone. Sister Lila Roberts led us in prayer.

Jack read Psalms. 73:1-3, 21-18. In times of trouble, it’s good to draw near to God.

After Sunday School, we began praise and worship with testimony from Jim Lafferty, Jeff Shipley and Janice Lafferty.

We continued praising the Lord in congregational singing. Special music was from Melba Austin and Melissa Harmon.

Pastor Bill Austin spoke this morning from Proverbs. 29:18, Jeremiah. 20:9, and Hebrews 11:13.

We need to get a vision of God telling others about His goodness, Have we faith in the Lord to take us through? Have you got a vision of Heaven? Have you Got a vision of Hell? Follow Christ, get ready to meet Him.

Sunday evening service began with singing.

Brother Bill welcomed everyone. Brother Tommy Roberts led in prayer. 

We had a time of testimony by Janice Lafferty and Tommy Roberts.

Brother Jack Essary brought the evening message. His scripture was I Peter 4.

There is a judgment day coming. You have to stand there by your self. Do the will of God, you will not be sorry. We must be washed in the blood of Christ. The end is near. Witness to those around you. We all have our own talent. Be sure you try to do it. God will help us through all we go through. Life is sometimes hard, but God’s grace will be sufficient. 

A good day in the house of the Lord.

Come worship with us. You will be welcome.