Breedon – David Williams

Feb. 23 – Morning services began with Cub reading the 131 Psalms, 7, and Wilma Hampton said the Prayer to start the service. We had 5 children, who took class and the adults also went into their studies, reading Psalms 93-101.

Questions and answers were completed and David and Jaclyn took up the morning offerings. We had 22 in attendance. David asked the prayer over the offerings.

The congregation sang a few songs. Roy Hampton sang two specials, then Judy Willis, David Williams Cub Lafferty, and Ronnie and Sue all sang a special.

We had a guest speaker, Heath Kirkland, reading his text from Matthew 10:5-20. An invitation was given and Roy Hampton said the closing prayer. 

Our evening service will open back up next Sunday, the 1st of March, at 6:00pm. We invite you to come worship with us and listen to topics from the church members that are lead with the Holy Spirit to bring messages for all.

Our next monthly Singing will be on the 13th of March. Make plans to bring a song to share with us. Dinner afterwards.

God bless you all.