Black Jack – Carol Murdy

March 15 – Those who chose to gather together for worship this Sunday were blessed by the stirring of the waters as we opened our service with praise and worship.   With thanksgiving and praise, we entered into His courts. Tears of joy flowed as we worshiped through Sunday School time.

Pastor Vic Murdy stated that now is the time we need to gather together to pray for deliverance.  In 2 Chronicles 15, God sent a prophet to King Asa of Judah stating that “the Lord is with you while you be with him; if you will seek him, he will be found of you; but if you forsake him, he will forsake you”.  Verse 3 reads that “for a long season Israel (the United States) has been without the true God, without a teaching priest and without law”.  Verse 4 reminds Asa that when they were in trouble, they had sought God and found Him (Chapter 14 when God delivered them from an invading army). In those times, there was no peace to him whether he went in or out and great vexations were upon the countries. Vexation is worry, annoyance or frustration. Nations and cities destroyed one another and God vexed them with adversity (difficulties or misfortune, confusion – the Jezebel spirit of control and manipulation).  Verse 7 “be ye strong therefore, and let not your hands be weak; for your work shall be rewarded.”

Adversity befalls us. Not that long ago, Sunday and Wednesday nights were set aside for worship.  Now sports, school activities, etc. overshadow the once sacred practice of worship and dependence on God. Laws honoring abortion and same sex marriage are now in place that God calls an abomination.  We have lost our focus on God and He is removing His hand.  But God in verse 4 tells us that we can return to Him.  He states He can be found if we seek Him.

Verse 12 tells that Asa and his people entered into a covenant with God.  Idols were put down and the people rejoiced, turning their heart and desire to the things of God.  There was peace for 35 years.  In Chapter 16 Asa was confronted again by an enemy. Rather than seeking God (who never fails), he turned to man for deliverance.  God removed His hand and wars commenced. Verse 12 tells that a disease came upon Asa. Again, he failed to seek God but trusted physicians, dying in his 41st year of reign.

One man prayed unto God to hold back rain for 3 1-2 years.  This same man (Elijah) prayed again and the heavens opened. Do not allow the deceiver to convince you that one man’s prayer is without effect or power. God has established His own as kings and priests before Him. (Revelation 1:6)

Sunday service begins at l0:00 am. All are welcomed. Our activities and videos can be found on Facebook.  Pastor Murdy can be contacted at 4l7-543-3659.

We can reshape our world if we return unto the Almighty and All Powerful Creator God of our forefathers. We have not because we ask not. Wishing isn’t going to get the job done. Prayer is the only thing that works. Our miracle working God is willing and able to meet our needs and save our country