Wasola – Theta Nokes

Feb. 10 – Visiting these past few weeks with Gary or both of us were Doyle Turner, Vic & Jean Plant, Ed Potter, Lee Ray, Dave Eslinger and Lorrin Clayton.

The past two Wednesdays we had to go Springfield. This past Wednesday Gary was at the hospital so they could take liquid from his stomach. They got 2.3 liters off.

After my uncle Troy Clayton’s funeral, January 25, I visited with my Uncle Rayford Clayton and Aunt Lena Brown after the Hicks cemetery.

I hope the weather will be good Wednesday because Gary goes back to the cancer center in Springfield and I hate driving in bad weather at 7:00 in the morning.

Remember, the best way to forget your problems is to help someone else solve theirs.

Thanks to the Herald for the Christmas gift. I use the little book and pen because it’s small enough to put in my pocket.

I got a letter from my Aunt Lois Mudd of Washington. She sent me a page out of her Tricity Herald paper about a US Army Pic 1943, Harold Buchanan found a baby on a road, Highway 5, between Ava and Mansfield. More than 70 years later he met her in Florida.