Trinity Lutheran –Richard Sturgeon

Feb. 9 – Fifth Sunday after Epiphany.

Light shines in the darkness for the upright. The psalmist sings. Isaiah declares that when we lose the bonds of injustice and share our bread with the hungry, the light breaks forth like the dawn. In another passage from the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus, the light of the world, calls his followers to let the light of their good works’ shine before others. Through baptism you are sent into the world to shine with the light of Christ.

Jesus, you call me to be salt and light (Matthew 5:13-16). Empower me through this worship to season and brighten this world with your love.

At Trinity Lutheran Church, we worship the Triune God — Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Welcome to this time of praise and prayer, song and silence, grace and growth in faith. Amen.

Our hearts go out to the Wittorff family on the loss of Laura, their mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. Laura will be sorely missed here at Trinity, which got its start largely due to her efforts.

We welcome and invite to our Lord’s Table all those baptized persons who truly believe that Christ is present in the elements of bread and wine. We offer both the small cup and the common cup. If you prefer the common cup, please refuse the small cup.

Happy Birthday to LuAnn Kochis born on today’s date, to Janet Heier, born on tomorrow’s date and to Wilbur Heier, whose birthday will be on Friday.

The Annual meeting is immediately following worship today. Council of both old and new members will meet following the Annual meeting.

TOPS will be using the church at 10:00 AM Tuesday.

9:30 am Wednesday Naomi Circle Bible study & meeting

9:30 am Sunday Adult Bible class and Sunday School

10:45 am Sunday Worship followed by Potluck

Today’s Lector: Walt Wittorff

Next Sunday’s Lector: Dave Niemi

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