Tecumseh – Linnie Ingram

Feb. 3  – Here we are in a new decade, just as predicted. 

It was good having a phone visit with my son Lyndon in Fair Grove on Thursday evening. He is staying busy with his carpentry job and had been working on a house in Branson. He does trim finishing work with his crew. 

As a new year begins, I feel challenged to improve myself – and I need many improvements! One thing I want is to be a blessing for someone and to give the world a smile. It seems these days more people need lots of encouragement along the way and there’s not enough of it in our daily walk. Isn’t it great when someone gives you an encouraging word and a smile to brighten your day? 

There used to be someone in our neighborhood who would get up each morning and greet the world with a groan and say, “Oh, Lord. Another day.” He couldn’t get along with anybody. We’d better not name him, but just thinking of him makes me want to work harder to be cheerful.

Loretta Davidson is visiting me today (Monday), and she brought me a whole bunch of church bulletins from Lilly Ridge Church, so I can catch up on things there. Davin Friend is the preacher at Lilly Ridge now, a job he began on Jan. 1.

Valentine’s Day is coming up. I still have a Valentine made for me by a long-ago boyfriend, John Adamson, back in the 1930s. He was an artist, and he drew this one like a playing card from a deck of cards. It’s one of the special mementos I’ve kept over the years. 

More news next week. Call me if you have any: 679-4148.