Smallett – Margaret Rosseau

Feb. 17 – Sunday morning service was opened with prayer and music. 

Miss Lauren Etheridge sang a special. 

Trae and Kendra Shelton read some scripture then Kendra sang a praise song. 

Brother Evans brought the message from Luke 23:24, John 6:24, “At the Cross.”

We are still waiting for little Murphy to get to come to church. And of course mommy and daddy, too. 

Visitors in our home were Kay Peak, Bevy Moore, Donna Bannister, Maeson Carter and his friend Dereck. 

Delmar and I visited with Vern and Kathleen Deatherage after they got home from having some tests done in Springfield. 

Beth Blackwood took me to see where she moved to. She has it fixed really cute. 

Thought for this week , “Lord, I need You. “