Mt. Tabor – Kay Hutchison

Feb. 23 – Church began with all our usual things, pledges, singing, and prayers for all those in need. As always, we thank Him for answers that came, though they may not always be the one we would like. We continue to have those with illnesses and hope they are better soon.

 Brother Charles continued his thought from last Sunday, reading from Zephaniah and Matthew. Last Sunday he talked about the sad day, this week it was, the great day. When the Lord returns there will be many happy, glad Christians, however, there will be many sad people that chose not to accept salvation.

 We sang Happy Birthday for Brother Lyle Poland.

 Dylan and Morgan Clements, Grant and Claire, visited Harold and Kay Hutchison, Friday afternoon.

 Shaun, Logan and Nora Elliott had supper with Jewell, Thursday evening.

 James Elliott came by several times during the week.

 Stephanie and Joey Mishler, Carl Junction, spent the weekend with Harold and Kay Hutchison. Harlin and Amy Hutchison, West Plains, spent Saturday night and were joined Sunday by Shirley Hutchison. Others coming by were Dan and Kim Clements.

 On Saturday, February 23, Claire Elizabeth Clements celebrated her first birthday. She is the daughter of Dylan and Morgan Clements, with her big brother, Grant. Light refreshments were served to great-grandparents, grandparents, and other relatives and friends.