Mt. Tabor – Kay Hutchison

Feb. 18 – We enjoyed a wonderful Sunday school lesson, after the pledges, singing and prayers. We are grateful for the answered prayers, as well.

Brother Charles read from Zephaniah 1:1, with the first message being “The Sad Day.” It will be extremely sad when the last days come and there are those not prepared.  Lots of folks say we are living in the last days.

We sang the Happy Birthday song for Sister Hellen Blakey, and wish her many more.

Shaun, LeAnna, MaKayla, Logan and Nora had the evening meal with Jewell Elliott, last Thursday.

 Kay Hutchison visited Dylan and Claire Clements, Monday afternoon.

 Brian and Ashley Wilson were guests of Jewell Elliott, Saturday. Others visiting were Kay Hutchison and James Elliott.

 Kristy Tackett and Steven Tackett spent the weekend with Harold and Kay Hutchison.

 Doug and Jadon Lansdown and Ronnie and Pat Lansdown met in Mansfield last week and drove on to Mt. Vernon to visit David and Casey Guerin and girls. Kristy and Kayley Lansdown were both  suffering with the virus that is plaguing the country and unable to go.

The group attended the basketball game McRay was playing in and later all helped her celebrate her Valentine birthday.

 Jeanne Cox was happy to have her grandaughter, Raylin, with her, while her parents, Jessie and Evan took a day and evening out. Pat visited with them by phone.

Jill O’Neal called from Ada, OK, to wish Mom, Pat, an early Happy Birthday.