Mt. Tabor – Kay Hutchison

Feb. 10 – We had a wonderful, dreary day for worship outside, but it was warm and inviting inside. We appreciate having a place to come and fellowship and be about God’s business. We had pledges, singing and update on those still needing our prayers. Glad for the reports of praise, as always He is good and merciful to us.

Last week Brother Charles finished up his series from Psalm 119, and began this message from Matthew 3, with the question, What kind of fruit do I produce for God? Evidently, in his family, they had very nice gardens, which they worked hard to have, and compared this to what we do for God. Scripture says if we are not producing good fruit we will be cut off and cast into the fire.

We sang the birthday song for Brother Lyle Piland and wished him many more.

Jewell Elliott and Kay Hutchison attended a meeting at Piland Youth Camp last Saturday, looking for discussion to solve some problems they are facing. As always, if you have a  connection to this camp, and would like to help, it would be very appreciated.

Company for Jewell Elliott the past week has been Shaun and LeAnna Elliott, MaKayla, Logan and Nora, and James Elliott comes by often to help with chores.

Glad to hear Bonita Winingham is recovering from a serious fall she took some time back. I’m sure it seems slow to her, not being able to drive, especially. Our best wishes to her.

Harlin Hutchison came last Tuesday evening and had supper with Harold and Kay Hutchison.

Dylan and Morgan Clements, Grant and Claire, attended the circus, Saturday, and reported great fun.

Dan and Kim Clements and Grant Clements visited Harold and Kay Hutchison, Sunday evening.

Pat Lansdown continues to nurse a gimpy hip, which is very painful. She is checking on other solutions to her problem, hopefully will get relief, soon.

Beverly Robison has had some problems since returning from rehab, hope she is soon much better, also.