Little Creek – Ruby Satterfield

Already news time again. Seems like time flies. 

I went to quilting club yesterday and we had a good day. We missed Wanda and Theta and, of course, Ruth and Jo. And a new record was set. We only had one gentleman for dinner. The others were either hunting or fishing. But, it seemed as if there were as many things to wash and poor Colleen did them by herself. I am ashamed I didn’t help, because the others do all the quilting and Audrey fixes the lunches or I should say dinner because we have a full-course meal. I think we have some good cooks. So, I should help.

The end of the bridge washed out again as it is every time Little Creek “gets up..” The Delp hill water flows right down the road clear to the creek and it seems to not be fixable, which is a shame.

We have had quite the winter, haven’t we? Of course there is still time. There was!!

I remember the best winter of my many. And it was the winter of snow and many birds, my favorite was the cardinal. I had many of them around my bird feeder. I do not recall the year and I wished I did. Kasey had given me bird seed and a feeder and subscribe to a bird magazine. He often came and fixed breakfast for us and we enjoyed the birds. I miss him every day. 

My sister gives me news and I neglect to write. So, last week’s news was that John and Martha Lee, Jim’s sister, surprised them early one morning of the week-end. Others joining them for dinner were Danny & Jamie Dry, Rusty Frye & granddaughter, Autumn Miller & Maynard Lawson.

This Saturday they had grandson Tony Ingerson and son Wyatt visiting.

Vickie Delp, my beautiful niece (one of several) called to brighten my day. She said my sister Jo was waiting for Chris to come from Springfield to take her home and spend the week-end with her. Jo likes to go “home” when she can and she appreciates her “home away from home.”

It is a bright Sunday, the 26th, here in Wasola at daybreak, the last Sunday of January. One month almost gone of 2020. 

Next month is Valentine’s Day and I will miss Burl who always came by with candy and a card. And he could show up anytime bringing me a hamburger, or just to talk. We talked a lot of Jesus’ coming and the Lord took him ahead of time. Just remembering old friends and loved ones we are sure of seeing again one day. 

Karen and Greg are finally getting over the illness we all had. And spring is just around the corner. So things are looking better. Kim and Bobby Lige have been sick, but she worked the past week and they are mending. 

Jody Weyrauch came to pick up a part for his dad, Bob, and spent some time visiting with Greg and Karen this week.

Well, I have written all the news as I know it and I will write “thank yous” for the compliments and cards to Vickie and Sue and happy days to all my friends.