Greetings From: Brunswick, GA

Willies Wee-Nee Wagon has been relishing buns in Brunswick, Georgia for over 45 years.

by Michael Boyink /

We weren’t, as a general rule, epicureans.

If you haven’t heard that $.50 word before, defines an epicurean as someone who is:

“fond of or adapted to luxury or indulgence in sensual pleasures; having luxurious tastes or habits, especially in eating and drinking.”

We didn’t eat like we were on vacation all the time. Food was a budget item that had to be kept in check, especially since we had two growing teenagers on board.

We ate lots of canned soup. We had homemade turkey wraps so often I still get a bit ill thinking about them. Box meals weren’t uncommon. Our go-to family meal was a Walmart rotisserie chicken served from the truck tailgate out in the parking lot.

And yet, it didn’t make sense to only indulge our eyes as we traveled. Might as well let the taste buds in on the action too.

We had Philly cheesesteaks while walking the streets of Philly. Fresh seafood while in the Outer Banks. BBQ in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas. Boiled peanuts in Georgia. Tex-mex in San Antonio. Cracklins in Louisiana. Smoked salmon in Washington.

And a pork sandwich in Brunswick, Georgia.

What the Willies pork sandwich lacks in presentation is more than made up for in flavor.

I don’t recall setting to have a food adventure experience. It got to be supper-time. We were hungry and the RV was low on groceries. MsBoyink said “just go get something.”

Thinking pizza, I came across online reviews of Willies Wee-Nee Wagon. The business looks like just a hot dog stand, but most of the reviews mentioned a to-die-for porkchop sandwich. 

Which sounded more memorable than a franchise pizza. 

Add in a gutsy business tagline of “we relish your bun” and I couldn’t punch the Wee-Nee Wagon’s address into our GPS fast enough.

Don’t go to Willies expecting ambiance or presentation. Willies is what it looks like –  a hot-dog stand that expanded its offerings. 

Bring cash, know what you want, order at the window, pick up at the window. There are a few seats indoors but it’s mostly outdoor seating at painted picnic tables.

The porkchop sandwich lived up to the hype.  Deboned, melt-in-your mouth tender pork simply presented with a bit of mustard, mayo and some onions on a hoagie bun. 

Even now, a few years later, my mouth starts to water just at the mention of Brunswick, Georgia.

Fancy Bluff Creek in Brunswick, GA empties into the Atlantic Ocean.

We did more than just eat in Brunswick. We biked some campground trails. We explored Fort Frederica National Monument. We walked under some of the tallest Live Oak trees we’d ever seen, with giant smears of Spanish Moss hanging from the limbs. I photographed boat launches on pretty waterways.

It’s hard to find Spanish Moss any thicker than on the Live Oak trees in coastal Georgia.

But it’s that porkchop sandwich I’ll always remember.

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