Gentry – Charlotte Reich

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Feb. 2 – Opening our service was Doug Miller. In Sunday School class we learned to be Jesus’ disciples. We must understand who Jesus is and what he expects from us. What we think about Jesus determines our eternal destiny.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Lynn Brown and Bill Comer.

Our special song was by Ramona and Sherry Henning.

A large crowd attended Gentry Church Sunday to hear our guest speaker, Charlotte Holmes, from Gainesville, tell about her amazing visit to Heaven and her death experience. She was such an inspired by God speaker, and did a great job. We thank her and her family for coming.

In our evening service, our special song was by Narvil Tetrick, Charlotte Reich, Ramona Henning, Janice Young and Joie Welker.

Pastor Comers’ evening message was from Psalms 91. God is our refuge and fortress. In him we trust.  He gives his angels charge over us, covering us with his wings. And his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.

Rev. Kevin Reich will be the guest speaker at Gentry Church Feb. 9th at 6pm.