Gainesville – Sherri Beasley

Feb. 2 – We welcomed Kaila Huffman as our new Activity Director January 1st and are very excited about the ideas and energy she brings with her. Kaila is already certified as an Activity Director, so she was able to step right up and take over the department. Shai had an opportunity she couldn’t pass up and we all wish her nothing but success. 

Just like everyone else, one of our New Year’s resolutions was to exercise more so we added wheelchair yoga and moving to music to our January calendar and sweating and toning to our February activity calendar. Delphia Holmes, Barbara Cowart, Elsie Garner, Linda Klein, Edna Hannaford and others joined in for the January wheelchair yoga classes. We were all sweating by the time the music was over. Angie Wilkerson joined us when we did The Twist. 

C.L. Sapp, Linda, Sheila Dunn, Elsie, Versal Terry, and others enjoyed a round of Pie Face. Everyone loves the anticipation of the pie hitting you in the face but is not crazy about messing up their hair, so we leave the whipped cream out. 

Ellen Collins brought Peanut in for pet therapy in January and again this past Sunday. Linda, Sheila, Delphia, Wilber Cowart, Jackie Benton, and so many more love hugging and snuggling with Peanut. 

Mammoth Church’s donation allowed us to buy an old-time popcorn machine and it arrived in January. The old-time popcorn stand is perfect for our Theater Room. We have had several popcorn and movie days since our new machine arrived. 

On the 22nd of January we were going to have a cooking class, but our ladies decided that after spending years of cooking for their families they were not up to cooking! Dorcas Rackley, Delphia, C.L., Sheila, Linda and others decorated sugar cookies instead of making the brownies. 

Dorcas, Delphia, Barbara Cowart, Wilber Cowart, Linda, Elsie, Sheila, Ida Mae Huse, Versal and Becky Boyd played Minute to Win It games then did a little bowling before celebrating January birthdays at the monthly birthday party the afternoon of the 27th. 

Kaila made blueberry muffins on the 29th for snack and chat, the residents have already requested more blueberry muffins.

Kaila, Linda, Sheila, Elsie and Versal worked on Valentine’s Day decorations while Dorcas, Delphia, Barbara Cowart and 2 guests were engrossed in a very competitive dominoes tournament. Kaila laughed when one of the residents told her that February is the most expensive spending month for men. Dorcas told us that Don always bought her chocolates, but they were always the chocolates that he liked to eat. After spending the afternoon making decorations and playing dominoes, they got a few good belly laughs watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. 

Musicians Alan Deyo, Thomas Pitcock and Jill Norton entertained us in January. Tex Dotson, Vonetta Kelley, Jeffrey Trees, C.L., Sheila, Elsie, Don VanMeter, Jean VanMeter, David Peirce, Jackie Benton, Dorcas, Delphia and several more gathered to listen to the musicians. We are very blessed to have our volunteer musicians. We had a special treat Friday when Jill Norton played music with her mom, Carol Ritter. 

Our Valentine king and queen contestants were posted Friday so if you get the chance, stop by and vote for the 2020 Valentine’s Day king and queen, a penny a vote and all money raised benefits our activity program.

Saturday was Linda Klein’s birthday so for dinner she got to blow out the candle on her birthday cupcake and have everyone sing happy birthday to her during supper.

Everyone dressed in red Friday to support our Kansas City Chiefs and then we had a Super Bowl party while we cheered on our Super Bowl Champions, the Kansas City Chiefs!!!