Eastern Gate and Around The Mountain – Irene Swearengin

Jan. 27 – Hello to each and everyone, it’s a wonderful day here on our mountain. I know that the weather does not suit all of us, but it is the day that God has given us, so it has to be a good day.

Last week-end we had a baby shower for Deanna and had a great group of ladies out to help celebrate. Lots of cute and useful baby items I know they were happy and thankful to receive. Ryan and Mandy did a good job decorating for the event. There were also several other expecting young mothers there. God is blessing our area with lots of new miracles that we can’t wait to meet. We ask that you pray for these expecting parents.

We had to cancel our last Wednesday night and our Friday night singing because of the weather, but was glad to be able to have church Sunday. At this time of year you just never know from one day to the next, we do live in the Ozarks.

We are still praying for our country and our leaders, Jon’s sermon was never give up on praying for your loved ones. I believe in the power of prayer. I hope that you have seen the amazing things that prayer can change in the lives of you and the people you love. That is why we pray and continue to pray. It was a good message that God sent us.

Sunday, we got to sing happy anniversary to James and Linda Orick, yes it was a few weeks late, but better late than never.

Jon and I sang a special Sunday morning and Sunday night, Betsy Conrad and I sang one song together. Jon and his sons also sang together.

We told Jerry, Jerry Seth, and Juanita to practice for next time….it may be a long wait.

That’s all my news for now, enjoy the weather, pray for each other and know that God loves each and everyone. Til’ next time. God bless.