County Line – Veda Bushong

Feb. 16 – I send my sympathy to the family and friends of Virginia Parsley and my cousin Pearl Andrew.

Donna Dodson was here on Monday. Reece Goforth came down on Tuesday.

Keith and Melanie Breeding and Michael Dodson all went to Houston on Tuesday night to the basketball games.

Donna came by on Tuesday and Wednesday. She and my nurse were here on Thursday.

Keith, Melanie and Michael went to Mansfield on Thursday night and to Salem on Friday night to the basketball games. They have been winning a lot.

Macee Breeding and Hailey Edwards spent Friday night with Emma Johnson for her birthday. They all attended the Sweetheart Dance at the school, also.

Donna took me to do bloodwork at the Ava Clinic Friday morning. We picked up some breakfast and brought it home to eat. She brought me a big balloon and candy and a rose for Valentine’s Day. I got a card from Brittany and Lynnox in Kansas and Diana & Butch Davis took me to a local restaurant for supper and to listen to the music.

Bryse and Mike Dodson helped David on Saturday replace a headlight bulb in Donna’s car. Bryse later visited James and Jordan Himrich.

Donna took me, Megan Goforth, Quin and Macee Breeding to lunch on Saturday.

Saturday night, Donna and I went to a local restaurant to listen to the music and have supper. Lyle and Janice Bushong joined us.

Megan Goforth worked at another local restaurant on Friday night.

Bradley Williams of Branson visited Megan on Saturday evening. She attended church with him on Sunday morning in Ozark.