County Line – Veda Bushong

Feb. 10 – Donna Dodson came by on Monday. She and Macee Breeding came on Tuesday. Diana Davis called on Tuesday.

Melanie Breeding, Macee and Donna Dodson all went to watch the ballgame in Ava Tuesday evening.

Amy Croney called on Wednesday. Donna came by.

Donna came by on Thursday. She had taken Quin and Macee to the doctor. They and Keith, Melanie and Mike Dodson have all been sick.

Diana took me to listen to the music Thursday night at a local restaurant. It was good to see everyone.

Donna came by on Friday. She went to the basketball game in Ava. Keith, Macee, Megan, Mike and Cassandra also went.

Donna, Megan and Macee went to Springfield on Saturday to help Reece.

David and Donna came by on Sunday.