County Line – Veda Bushong

Feb. 2 – Donna Dodson was here on Monday and took me to Mansfield to see my doctor. She also came by on Tuesday.

Debra Reed of Kansas called on Tuesday. Donna, Diana and Butch Davis and my home health nurse were here on Wednesday. Donna and Megan Goforth and I went ot lunch afterwards.

On Thursday Donna, Megan, and I went to Springfield to my heart doctor. They changed some of my medicine that was hurting my kidneys.

Donna and Megan picked up groceries for me on Friday.

Keith & Melanie Breeding, Megan Macee and Mike Dodson went to Mtn. Grove on Tuesday and Thursday evening to watch Bryse & Quin and Ava JV play basketball.

They and David and Donna went on Saturday to watch. They got 2nd place in the tournament. 

Donna, Keith and Melanie attended the SCA Band Concert in Ava. Macee was in the Middle School Band. They were really good.

Donna took me to see New Grass Attack at a local restaurant Saturday night. It was really good and good food. Butch and Diane Davis joined us there. It was good to see Duke McIntosh and his group.

On Sunday evening, Donna came by on her way to church. 

Last week’s news:

Jan. 27. – Donna Dodson brought me home from the hospital on Monday. I went on Thursday, thinking I had pneumonia, but it turned out I have congestive heart failure. They took fluid off my lung and changed my medicines.

Those coming to see me in the hospital were Butch and Diana Davis, Ronnie and Amy Croney, Challa, Axle, and friend, Keith and Melanie Breeding, and Quin, Max Stephens, Lonnie and Dorothy Curtis, Mayme Lambdin, and Donna. I appreciate all the calls from everyone.

Melanie stayed with me Monday evening.

Donna and Reece Goforth were here on Tuesday. Debra Reed of Kansas and Diana called.

Butch and Diana and Donna were here on Wednesday.

Debra and Sandy Rackley called on Thursday.

Donna was here on Thursday and on Friday picked up groceries for me.

Donna and David came by on Saturday.

Reece Goforth of Springfield spent Saturday night and Sunday in Ava visiting family and friends.

Macee Breeding spent Saturday night with David and Donna.

Bradley Williams visited Megan Goforth and family over the weekend.

David and Donna went to Springfield on Saturday to visit June Dodson. 

Mike Dodson and Cassandra Cornett went to Springfield on Saturday.

Donna and David and Reece all visited me on Sunday.

Bryse Dodson and Quin Breeding both played basketball in Sparta Friday night. Keith and Melanie Breeding and Macee and Mike Dodson all went. 

Happy Birthday in February to Lana Stephens, Axle Hill, Rheba Pool, Eric Stephens, Donna Dodson, Brinton Bushong, and Reece Goforth. I wish them many more.