Caney News – Janice Lafferty

Feb. 19 – Caney met Wednesday evening. We studied God’s word and talked about His goodness.

Brother Jack Essary welcomed everyone. Brother Bill Austin led us in prayer. 

Brother Jack read Psalm73.

God has a plan for everyone that follows Him. Our strength comes from him. We won’t need anything when we stay close to Him.

We had a good discussion. Good testimonies were given. We talked about how blessed we are. How good God is to us. We should have no complaints.

Sunday School with singing. Brother Jack welcomed everyone. Brother Jeff Shipley led in prayer.

Brother Jack read Ps 13 for our devotion. 

God blesses us more than we deserve. He is so good.

After a good Sunday School lesson. Happy birthday was sung to Edna Johnson and Monte Lafferty. God bless them.

Praise and worship began with testimonies. Charlee Lafferty, Jeff Shipley, Jim Lafferty, Elsie Combs, and Bill Austin.

Service continued with congregational singing. Special music Charlee, Monte Lafferty, and Melissa Harmon.

Brother Jack was our speaker this Sunday morning. His scripture was John 14:1-4.

We are living in a land of goodbyes. Make sure you are ready to go. Make sure you are ready to go. Make sure you are living so others will know how to get/be ready. God has good things prepared for us here and for eternity. A good message.

Brother Bill Austin welcome everyone to evening service. 

We have much to pray about. Remember the lost, sick, our nation and the military. Brother Jim Lafferty led in prayer.

We had a time of testimony by Jim Lafferty, Hi Lambeth, Janice Lafferty, Jack Essary, and Melba Austin.

I am so glad I go to a church where the Lord leads the service and not programed to death. It is the Sabbath day and should be spent praising Him. Pastor let the Lord lead tonight and we had a wonderful time sharing thoughts and scriptures.

Come worship with us. 

Last week’s news:

Feb. 16 – Caney began morning service with singing. Bro. Jack Essary welcomed everyone. 

We were saddened to hear of the passing of Dennis House.

Bro. Hi Lambeth led us in prayer. Bro. Jack read Ps. 40:1-10, 16-17. If our hearts are right and full of praise, He will set our feet on the solid rock.

Praise and worship began with testimony from Melissa Harmon, Jim Lafferty, Vanesa Mills, and Hi Lambeth.

We continued with congregational singing. Singing special music was Melissa Harmon.

Pastor Bill Austin spoke this morning. His scripture was Ex. 25:21-22. It is good to know that we can meet with God. He gives us the spiritual things we need, if we will just ask. These things are even more important than earthly needs. A good message from the Word.

Sunday evening service began with singing. Bro. Bill welcomed everyone then He led us in prayer. 

Singing special music was Hi Lambeth and Kathleen Chaney.

Bro. Jack Essary spoke for us this evening. His scripture was Lev. 26:1. Have no other gods before you. They can do nothing. If we walk before God and keep His commandments, He will bless us. He will give us rain, harvest, peace. He will walk among us and be our God. If we don’t keep his commandments, we will have fear, war, pestilence and plagues. He loves us, but as a good Father, He will punish us. God sent His Son to die for all. He wants us to serve Him and love Him. He wants us to live with Him eternally. But we must obey Him. Read and study His word and you’ll see. A wonderful message.

Come worship with us at Caney. You are welcome.