Breedon – David Williams

Feb. 16 – Brother Cub opened the morning service with the reading of Psalms 6, and Evelyn Harper said the opening prayer.

The adults studied and read chapter 90-92 in Psalms while the children went to their class. There were no questions and answers due to some being out sick.

David and Jaclyn took up the morning offering with David bringing prayer over it. We had 18 in attendance for the morning service.

After the morning singing, Judy, Ronnie and Sue and David sang a special, then Judy and Kerry sang one and Lisa and Judy also sang one.

Cub brought the morning message from St. John 1st chapter about the Word being Christ and then John the Baptist introducing Christ to the world at His Baptizing.

Ronnie was asked to close the service in prayer. God Bless you all and have a safe week.