Breedon – David Williams

Feb. 9 – Cub started the morning service with the reading of Psalms 130 and Wilma Hampton the morning prayer. We missed Sue Thomas as she was out not feeling well. Get well Sue!

The adults studied and read the 85th through 89th chapters in Psalms. Questions were held over until next week due to some not being there with sickness.

David Williams took up the morning offerings and said prayer over it. We had 18 in attendance.

With Sue being ill, Kerry Lafferty played the piano for us. Judy and Rachael sang specials.

Cub brought the morning message from 1st John chapter 4. David sang the invitation song along with the church. We welcomed Danny and Michele Lee back with us. We miss them since they moved away. Danny closed the service with prayer.

Friday night will be our monthly singing. Come help us sing and praise the Lord in song.

Last week’s news: Feb. 2 – We started services on this lovely morning that our Lord gave us with Cub reading the 23rd Psalms.  Ronnie Thomas opened the service with prayer.

The adult class read Psalms chapter 80 through 84. We had 13 in attendance. David and Jocelyn took up the morning offerings.

Morning specials were by Jaclyn, Sue and Ronnie. Judy Willis also sang a special.

Brother Cub then took his text from 1st John chapter 4. Closing prayer was by Bill Harper.

Soon we will start up the evening services on March 1. Many are looking forward to the services as we all take turns reading scripture and poems and whatever the Lord lays on our hearts.

Pastor Cub and David Williams drove to Bruner Church for evening services where they met up with Lee & Wilma and Darrel Hampton, Ronnie and Sue and Lyra, and Judy Willis to join the church in song and praise. A good time was had by all.

God bless you until next Sunday. Singing will be on February 14 at 7pm.