Arno – Hellen Blakey

Feb. 2 – Last Monday George and Violet came and I gave Violet her birthday card and cake. Her birthday was Friday. Shelby Harris came by today, too.

Tuesday I had my haircut. I took my news over to the Herald office and took my assessor paper, which I did the 3rd of this month. Then I went to the drug store for medicine. I went with Tom Williams to Mansfield to his O.E.S. meeting this evening.

Wednesday I had 0.4 inches in my rain gauge by 2:30. I had 0.2 more that was snow and rain all together. Thursday I had snow in my rain gauge, but it was still snowing later that day. Lee came and got my paper and poured out the liquid. He said there wasn’t a tenth. That’s all I know.

Mindy came on Wednesday and I baked a cake.

On Thursday Lee came over and brought my mail. I gave him his birthday card and cake.

Friday Mindy came over.

Saturday I attended Eula Mae Dye’s funeral. She was with Dr. Harlan when James and Michael were born. Michael was the last baby that he delivered.  

That day I put money on my gas card and picked up some milk and aspirin. I put gas in my car and went home.

Sunday was a beautiful day for church. Brother Charles finished Psalm 119: 17-18, 22, 25, 29, 41, 49, 57, 105, and 160. Get your Bible and read these verses. You will be blessed when you finish.

Lets keep praying for our sick folks.

After church we had our business meeting. Those present were Brother Charles Peak, Jewell Elliott, Kay Hutchison, Nina Carter, and Hellen Blakey.

My prayer and sympathy go out to all who have lost a loved one.

Keep praying for our nation, leaders, men & women in the service and their families, and the ones in training.