Correspondent: Theta Nokes

Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace good will toward men. Luke 2:14

December 21st, Saturday afternoon, Gary and I went to my niece Dara Strong’s home for Christmas dinner. Other guests were Cody, Hannah & Charleigh Strong, Del & Fanya Scott, John, Tabitha, Stormi, Kasey & Kunai Medlock, Oceanna Meile, Zane Scott, Bailey  Strong, Brayden & Chelsey Lansdown, Clayton, Remmi &Corbin Scott, Zamber Little, Zoe Shull, AnnaBelle Johnson, Howard Strong, Brittany RIchards, Howard & Ella Fae Mitchell, Felisha, Frisco & Charlie Harris, Ralph & Dana Brazeal, Cody Shanafelt, Honie Nokes, Vicki Nelson, Robyn & Jasmine Schroder, and Dillion McCullough. 

Sunday afternoon, Dave & Karla Eslinger visited with Gary.

Christmas day, Gary and I went to my niece’s home, Ralph & Dana Brazeal for dinner. Other guests were Zamber Little, Howard & Ella Fae Mitchell.

Friday the Schaffs were at Louin & Valerie Clayton’s for Christmas celebration.

Remember, life is too short for pent up anger and grudges; so make 2020 a year of forgiveness with a clear heart and mind. Happy New Year.