Tecumseh – Linnie Ingram

Jan. 14 – Remembering our good old days, I think of the Sunday dinners after church at Lilly Ridge when a special lady, Bertha Watson, would cook a big chicken dinner at her house for everyone. Other times we had dinner on the grounds at Lilly Ridge church – and it was actually dinner on the grounds. The ladies would spread tablecloths on the ground to set the food on, and we all found a place to sit to eat – again, on the ground, plates on our laps. I may be the only one still living who actually lived out that experience. Thank goodness things are different now. I appreciate air conditioning and good places to sit and eat inside the church.

Back to Bertha: She was a kind woman, and no one went away from her kitchen hungry. In those days there were what we called tramps out on the road, traveling by. Bertha would fix a big sandwich for the tramp and send him on his way. She had no children of her own, but we all were adopted by her. That was Bertha.

As my mother and sisters were schoolteachers, we were taught good handwriting and practiced it over and over so that it would be legible. Nowadays, it seems, you can hardly read some people’s writing. Even my grandfather Ebrite, a medical doctor, practiced and believed in good penmanship. Many doctors’ writing today cannot be read. Shame on them! It makes us wonder how many prescriptions might be inaccurately interpreted. Correct me if I’m wrong.

My daughter Karen is home from Barnes Hospital in St. Louis and is feeling better now. Thank you for all the prayers.

Marlyn’s daughter Kindra, my granddaughter, is staying with my daughter Kris and has her application in at several places, seeking employment. Her little dog will howl and sing along when I sit with her and play a tune on my harmonica. Kind of funny.

Warning: Don’t hurry to be older. Old age will get here soon enough. Trust me on this.