Correspondent: Linnie Ingram

December 18 – First, thanks for my weekly news– a treat to receive on Fridays! Many folks may not enjoy the paper as I do, but God knows how much I do! Growing up in the 1930s and a graduate of Gainesville High School in 1939, before computers came on the scene, writing was most important in our education. It was taught by my elders, who were all teachers to a “trait,” handed down from Mother’s family from studies at Dartmouth and Princeton, NJ. Handwriting you could read – unlike some of this day and time. My ancestors took time to write legibly word unlike today’s “version.”Much of our time was spent practicing. I don’t like to hear “I don’t have time.” Change the habit and practice. 

Thank you for the Herald.

Yes, we are all getting older. My physical body is having a hard time keeping up with it all. But, as I observe our readers like to hear our reports and stories of the “Good Ole Days” much more than foreign lands and happenings in China. Can you find an object that is made in the USA as often as “Made in China?” I doubt it.

I, for one, love the Amish people and their simple way of life. Their ambitious capabilities. Simple and God-fearing.

I had a horse and a pony in days past that I loved. It was almost like losing a family member when I had to sell them and move to Springfield.

This world is wide and foreign nations now have inhabited a large portion. However, I do know my mother’s family came from Scotland and Pennsylvania Dutch descent. Father’s family came from Tennessee. So we had that Southern blood also. Perhaps a good mixture.

Knowing how to have a garden, grow our own food, raise our own meat, kill squirrels with our faithful 22 gun (I still have it). Only staple groceries had to be purchased. And check our cellar shelves.

The family of Wilma Fish has our sympathy since the death of their loved one. She was a special lady. She and Charles had a special place in our lives. Their musical talents entertained lots of us.

Sympathy to the Hand family of West Plains who lost their loved one.

Allen Luebbert stopped in to see me Thursday. He is employed and working east of here. I was wondering if there are wild grapes this year. I would love to have some for jelly.

Congratulations Lanell Lony who retired from her mail route for so many years. I believe it was 33 years. I’m certain her patrons miss her smiling face. Few people have had such a good record. 

We enjoy the publication “Old Mill Run.”

It’s the time for exchanging Christmas cards and I am enjoying mine. I enjoyed hearing from Joan Rockby Young in Ft Walton Beach, FL again. 

Charlene Breaden Pitcock and Marlyn were in Springfield for the leg treatment on Thursday. 

Lynn Hicks and her mom Helen Conardy were in Springfield Thursday for Helen’s ear doctor appointment.

My Secret Santa in West Plains is wished Happy Holidays. Are we scheduled for a rough winter? I’ve been blessed with our two past winters which were mild.

Wild grape jelly – I never got any this year.

It would be great to have some local folks call me with news! I fear what I write may not be interesting. As in past years, Bertha Hatson wrote Lilly Ridge News. She didn’t mention “how good” those Sunday dinners were at her house – but I can. It all tasted better cooked on Bertha’s wood stove. She and elmer didn’t have children but were special to all of us growing up there. Dresses made from laying mash sacks. Starched and ironed. White collars. Her light bread made from “starter” she said, sure hit the spot. Bob Userey sure liked it.

Clyde and Agnes’ children Doris and Donald depended on Bertha, who knew the songs by heart and sang them a lot.

Yes, my memories are of this “country woman with the big heart.” A crown in Heaven. What an example. I remember her in her print dresses – with her starched aprons. And that soprano voice in our choir.