Mt. Tabor – Kay Hutchison

We had a good service for after Christmas, but before New Year’s, as we hosted the Gideon speaker. We enjoyed having Brother Keith and Charlotte Moore as our guest for Sunday school, also.

Brother Keith did a great job telling us the background for their organization, the number of bibles they pass out, the large number of men and women they have to do the work, and some of the testimonies they have received because of their Bibles. Brother Charles told some experiences he had with the Gideon Bibles, which fit right in with Keith’s presentation. We appreciate the church helping to support this worthwhile group.

Last week Brother Charles’ sermon followed his previous week of “He’s Coming,” to “He’s Here,” for our Christmas message. No matter how many years ago it was prophesied, it is still true today.

The group sang the birthday song for Kay Hutchison’s Dec. 22 special day.

Several family members came to wish Kay a happy birthday, Sunday. Those enjoying lunch, visiting and cake were, Dan and Kim Clements, Dylan and Morgan Clements and Claire, and Morgan Clements. Harlin, Kristy and their families called with good wishes, also. Vic Burdan also called from Manila with a nice long visit.

Those having a late Christmas with Harold and Kay Hutchison, Saturday, were Jeff, Kristy and Steven Tackett, Stephanie Mishler and Joey, Harlin and Shirley Hutchison, Dylan and Morgan Clements, Grant and Claire, Morgan Clements and Gabby Arnold. Everyone enjoyed Chinese food, courtesy of Jeff and Kristy, opening gifts and taking pictures of the little guys playing. We missed those who were not up to par or had to work.

Bonita and Floyd Winingham arrived in Ava, Monday evening, to spend the holidays with Mother Jewell and other relatives. Monday night James and Tammy, Shaun, LeAnna, MaKayla, Logan and Nora came, and James also came on Tuesday.

Christmas day guests of Jewell’s were Floyd and Bonita, James and Tammy, Shaun and LeAnna and family, Brian and Ashley Wilson, Steve and Vonda Stine, Kaitlyn Pridemore and Annette Haden.

Shaun, LeAnna and children visited on Thursday also, before Bonita and Floyd returned to their K.C. Suburb home on Friday.

Jill Lansdown O’Neal flew in to spend the holidays with parents, Ronnie and Pat Lansdown, and other relatives. On Sunday they attended the Lansdown Christmas, along with 35-40 others. 

Pat and Ronnie had Christmas Eve at their home with Doug, Kristy, Jadon and Kayley, David and Casey Guerin and girls, and Jill O’Neal.

Jeanne Cox spent Christmas with the Cox, Davis families in Ozark.