Eastern Gate and Around The Mountain

Correspondent: Irene Swearengin

As you are reading this, I wish you the very best happiest of New years. 

We had our Christmas program at church and I was so proud of all my kids. They did their parts and helped sing the songs and were just so good. We had a part were they got to play some drums and march up and down the aisle and they were just so cute as they marched up and down as we were singing.

Our play was about God giving us the gift of hope at this time of year in the birth of His son Jesus. This is a gift that is free for all of us. The best part of it is we can except this gift anytime.

Now as we enter into a new year, we start thinking back on all the things that went on through out the past year. I want to start thinking of all the things that we can do in this coming year. Isn’t it exciting to think of all the possibilities. ‘

We are back to our regular Wednesday night Bible study, so if you aren’t doing anything come and join us. We have a great time studying God’s word and fellowshipping together.

‘til next time, God bless.