County Line – Veda Bushong

Jan. 6 – Happy Birthday to me on the 5th, Lynnox Torres the 6th, Butch Davis the 6th, Cedrick Bristol the 10th, Dayton Bushong the 17th, David Dodson the 20th, Emily Iott the 29th, and Cody Goforth the 30th. I wish them all many more.

Those celebrating my birthday at my home on Dec. 28 were: David & Donna Dodson, Butch & Diana Davis, Debra Reed, Mike Dodson, Cassandra Cornett & Ruger, Keith & Melanie Breeding, Quin, Meagan, Macee, Reece Goforth, Bryse Dodson, Bentley Iott, Emily, Dylan, Ronnie & Amy Croney, Challa, Axle, Brittany Torres, & Lynnox, Lisa Hensley, Sherrie Pool, Kevin & Sandy Rackley & C.J., Brinton and Jennifer Bushong, Ben and Laken, Ashlin Parker, Lyn & Linda Rogers.

Those here on my birthday were Butch & Diane Davis, David & Donna Dodson, Keith & Melanie Breeding, Megan, Quin, Macee, Reece Goforth, Mike Dodson, Cassandra Cornett & Ruger, Ronnie & Amy Croney and Axel, Emily and Dylan.

I appreciate all the cards, gifts, flowers, food, phone calls from Debra Reed of KS, Mike Strong of KS, Lionel & Juanita Bushong of IL.

Brittany & Lynnox Torres, Miguel and Tiffany Ayala, Garrett, Grant, Isaac, Isaiah, Gabi and Adela all visited Johnnie & Debra Reed on New Years Day.