Church of the Living God – Bevy Moore

Jan. 6 – Saturday was Ladies’ meeting. I spoke about “There’s a time for everything,” using scriptures from Ecc. 3:1-8.

Birthdays this week were Bro. Mike and Sis. Connie Burris. Re-birthday (25 years) was Sis. Linda Roberts.

Bro. Don Lunn opened the service. Sis. Linda Roberts taught class. Special singing was by Sis. Linda Roberts and myself. Pastor Gary brought the message of “Decisions & Consequences,” 

This service was also broadcast live on Facebook for all who want to see it.

Sunday evening special singing was by Sis. Lora Hubbard and myself, Sis. Linda Robers, and Sis. Missy Breshears.

Pastor Gary brought the message of “Satan Comes to Steal (joy, peace, eternal life in heaven), Kill (suicide, drugs, alcohol), Destroy (family, church, finances, self-respect, witness).” John 10:6-11

Special prayer requests this week were for the military soldiers, middle East, our church, Stella King, lost loved ones, Larry, Wanda Andrews, Mary Brooks family, Jason & Emory Snelson, Connie Burris, Beth Carpenter, Cindy Fleetwood, Sue Fletcher, Shirley Huey, fires in Australia, and our President.

Service times are Sun. 10am, & 6pm; and Wed. 7pm. For a ride or information call Pastor Gary Moore, (417) 543-3785 or Associate Pastor Don Lunn (417)250-0477.

Last week’s news:

Happy New Year 2020! 

I hope everyone had a great Christmas. We were blessed to be able to be at my mom & step-dad’s, Delmar & Margaret Rosseau, on Christmas Eve. We had a wonderful meal, presents and visiting. Others there were Tabitha Spencer, Caydee, Jaycee, Skylar & Avery; Keith & Donna Bannister, Shawn & Summer Johnson, Caidence & Conner; Rusty & Becky Carter, Hailey &  Maeson.

Christmas Day in our home for dinner were Delmar & Margaret Rosseau, Clint Moore, and Kay Peak.

Sunday morning service was opened by Bro. Don Lunn. Sis. Linda Roberts continued the class study. 

The Birthday this week was Praxton Lunn.

Pastor Gary brought the morning message of “Warming By The Enemy’s Fire.” We had 22 in service this morning.

Tonight we had a candlelight communion service. Special singing was by Jared Lafferty, Jeff & Lora Hubbard, Missy Breshears & Whitney Stanifer.

Special prayer requests this week were for Stella King, Cindy Fleetwood, Beth Carpenter, Gary Snelson, Charles Peak, Mary Brooks, Jean Porter, Shirley Huey, Wanda Andrews, Simmons family, Junior Marriott, and many unspoken.