Black Jack – Carol Murdy

The close of  this year of 2019 is at hand  with this Sunday, December 29, being the last for this year. Many loved ones and friends have already departed this world during this year. Hopefully they had decided to accept the invitation Jesus extended to all – to follow Him and accept salvation, the only opportunity for eternal life in heaven. The minutes are ebbing away,  bringing the close of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. Many will make resolutions for the New Year. These resolutions  involve things of this  world. Resolutions typically are without thought or consideration  for the spiritual world and life. Where will  eternity be spent when this body returns to dust from where it came. Those who have already passed from  this world no longer have an opportunity to change the decision that they made while living on earth. 

Choosing not to decide whether to follow Jesus or not is making a decision not to accept the salvation that He alone has provided when He took all sin  upon Himself at the cross and died in our place. A purposeful, heartfelt decision to receive salvation and live as Jesus directs us to live in His Word will result in  eternal life in heaven with Him. Not making this choice brings about the inevitable ending of hell and eternal existence of torment, fire, and brimstone.  

Most of us will continue to live  on earth beyond 2019; but not all of us! We know not the day nor the hour nor the second God will call us from this world into the future of our choice – heaven or hell. Resolutions concerning matters of the world are but temporal. They may be about our health, our financial future, or goals involving family, friends and business. But what about your future existence? Our future goals should extend beyond the number of years lived on earth because all things of this temporary life on earth will  burn when the earth is purged and renewed (2 Peter 3:10-13, Revelations 21:1). Our time on earth was meant to worship God. If we are obedient to His Word, eternal life is ours. There is no getting around the fact that choices render consequences.

The congregation of Blackjack Church hope all have a Happy New Year in Christ Jesus. Services begin at l0:00 am Sunday mornings. Our Pastor Vic Murdy can be reached at 417-543-3659. God has given to us only, over all His creations, the ability to choose. We are not mandated to love and obey Him. But how clear He makes known the consequence to our choice. May God’s blessings be yours.