Bethany Baptist – Norma Stilllings

Jan. 20 – During the past two weeks we have been sort of dodging between winter storms. We have had church every Sunday so far, although we did cancel Sunday school one week and the Ladies Bible Study another. Darlene was able to make a quick trip one week to visit her parents, Don and Doris Taschner, in St. Louis. Attendance has been stable although there is always someone sick or traveling. 

Alan Stillings drove his grandmother, Norma Stillings, to Springfield last week to see an Allergy Asthma Specialist there. As a result of the visit she set about to get rid of all the dust in her bedroom and keep the humidity down in there. She had done most of what was suggested, but looked around and decided that the chair cover needed to be washed every week as well. Dust mites, mold, and dog dander can make a lot of trouble.

Darlene Sorensen hung up a bird feeder for Norma Stillings so when the last two coverings of ice occurred on trees and shrubs the birds could come in for bird seed. It is fun to watch for the different kinds of birds that do come. Most often it is the finches, Cardinals, and Blue Jays  and on the ground sparrows and doves, but then there are others as well. 

Bethany Baptist Church is planning to have Pizza and a Movie this Friday evening January 24, weather permitting.      

Tim and Sally Henderson sang a special song, Sunday morning. They sing well together. Norma Stillings accompanied them on the piano. Tim is working with the Jubilee Singers in preparation for the up-coming Easter. 

There are two “ways,” but only one of them leads to heaven. Man’s way is referred to as the broad way. Satan has painted it to look religious, but that way only leads to destruction. Man’s way will include a lot of “good works,” things that will make him look good to himself and to others. 

God’s way is narrow because the only way to heaven is through believing in and trusting Jesus. We should do good work, but we must realize that we could never do enough good work to earn salvation. Entrance into heaven is obtained by faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus. 

People must choose which way they will go, the broad way or the narrow way. They will choose to build their lives either with actions that are like wood, hay, and stubble in the fires of judgment or like gold, silver, and precious stones that can withstand the fire. It is our choice. Choose wisely.