Bethany Baptist – Norma Stilllings

Dec. 30 – Pastor Bob and Darlene Sorensen drove to Hope, Arkansas to have Christmas with Luke and Shauna Sorensen, Kaylee and Khari. They returned home, Friday, after having a great time there.

Tom Stillings and Joyce Greenwood of Ozark visited with Norma Stillings on Christmas Day. Debra Bohnstedt had a cough that day but came for lunch with Norma on Saturday. Cliff Bohnstedt, his helper/friend, David, and Alan Stillings came later in the afternoon, after finishing up their jobs for the day. 

The Bethany Baptist Church folks had the Fifth Sunday Fellowship Supper. Tuesday evening was prayer, games, and eating of course. Then there was a missionary, Rachel Keifer, here Sunday, Jan. 5.

The Ladies Bible Study was 1pm Friday, January 3. They are working their way through the Book of Revelation. 

Special music, Sunday evening,  was presented by Tim Henderson, trumpet Solo, Darlene Sorensen, vocal solo. Duets were Norma Stillings and Darlene Sorensen, Norma Stillings and grandson, Alan Stillings with piano, and the Jubilee Singers. There were several testimonies given. 

We have been met with the greeting, “Happy New Year,” many times this week. Pastor Bob Sorensen used the Beatitudes as the foundation of his message on just how to be blessed with happiness in this year. True happiness does not come from having “things” or from events and circumstances, but from the peace that we have when we have peace with God. We can only have peace with God if we have by faith accepted his Son Jesus Christ. True happiness comes from serving God and helping others. 

We have happiness when God has given us the grace to overcome temptation, to humble ourselves, be obedient to his word, and even when we suffer for righteousness sake. The happiness that we have in serving God will last for eternity.