Arno – Hellen Blakey

Dec. 30 – I took my news in and some papers I had filled out, then got a birthday card for Monica.

On Tuesday I went to the doctor about my foot. I had a visitor in the afternoon.

Wednesday I called my brother-in-law, Dale McPheeters and wished  him a Happy Birthday. Then I had calls all day wishing me Happy New Year.

Friday, Chase Blakey and children came and visited with me until 2. Then he went and picked up his nephew Owen and Kelsey and took them home with him.

Later I had Mindy, Mark and James in my home

Saturday, Lakota came by to say “Hi.” James was taking her and Adrian back to Republic. After they left I went to the store and got all the things that I was out of. Then I got a phone card put on my phone.

Sunday, I made it to church. Bro.  Charles’ message was “What Makes Us New.” 

I saw Michelle at Walmart and she said she would drive me to Springfield Tuesday. 

Lets keep our sick folks in our prayers. My prayer and sympathy goes out to Dale Davis and Family, Evelyn Bryan and family, and all others who have lost a loved one. 

Keep praying for our nation, leaders, men and women in the service & their families, and the ones in training.

Last week’s news:

Took my news in, redid the cake I mixed up, and picked up 2 dozen eggs to finish up Christmas and have enough for 2 for my breakfast until I go back to the store.

Tom Williams and Hellen Blakey went to Gainesville O.E.S. meeting to help the new officers get installed into their new office.

Tuesday, I baked a blackberry cobbler and pumpkin pies. I sent a carrot cake with Justin Herrell down to Dorthy for their dinner. Then Justin turned around and brought me a big plate of food which I really appreciated because I was baking. 

Lee came over to find out when to put the trash while I was rolling out my dough to put in pans, so I put him to work while we talked. Just as soon as I got the dough in one pan, he put it on the other end of the table. That saved me a few steps.

Wednesday, Christmas day. I hope everyone had a nice one. I did. There were 25 in my home and I felt blessed. Those present were Joel & Monica Reemes, Tavin & Lakota Reid and Adrian, Vernal Blakey, Trae & Kendra Shelton Finley and Sloan, Chase Blakey, Blythe & Chesnea, Justin & Tara Coonce, Jett, Haven & Canyon, Ellis & Michelle Blakey, Johnathan & Annie Blakey, Alexia & Owen.

Tara stopped by on her way home from work and got Canyon two toys he left here Christmas.

Saturday, I had 0.1 inches in my rain gauge by 11. Sunday morning I had 1.1 inches.

Sunday, I went to church. We had Keith Moore from the Gideon as our speaker. He made a very good speech about the Gideon Bible and how they have caused so many to turn to God.

Mark and Sherry came by in the afternoon with throw blankets. I gave everyone carrot cake and pumpkin bread, but I forgot the cards. Dustin & Kelsey Bentlee and Maddi came with a beautiful sweatshirt and card. I gave Kelsey all the cards I had to take to Mark to put in the sacks they took.

I appreciate the Christmas gift I received from The Herald.

Happy New Year, Everyone.