Senate to Receive Applications for Selection of Nonpartisan State Demographer

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo (Dec. 5, 2019) –– Later this month, the State Auditor’s Office will deliver at least six completed applications for the position of nonpartisan state demographer to Senate leadership. The position was created by the passage of Amendment 1 in November 2018, which was approved by 62% of Missouri voters.

As required by Article III, Section 3 of the Missouri Constitution, the Senate majority and minority leaders will select the nonpartisan state demographer.

Applications were accepted during a 90-day period from Sept. 5 through Dec. 4. The six completed applications are: Damon Braidlow, Donald B. Cripe, Sara Hartman, Bryan Kinworthy, R. Zane Price, and Jason J. Ross. 

An application that was received on Dec. 4 is under review. Two individuals submitted partial materials, but did not complete the application. A third individual submitted an application after the deadline of Dec. 4, and as a result it cannot be accepted. As outlined in the application instructions, applicants must provide any missing information no later than December 12. To ensure transparency, all submitted applications are posted here. 

The State Auditor’s Office Quality Control staff did not reject any completed applications that met the minimum qualifications listed in the application form. As the application outlined, staff did not conduct interviews of applicants because Senate leadership will choose the nonpartisan demographer.