High Lonesome – Linda Orick

December 5 – James and I visited Rev. Jon Mitchell and family in Ozark. We were in a store and he waved. I told him I wasn’t sure who he was. He said I could tell by your expression on your face.

I don’t always notice people so don’t think I am being impolite. People that know James and me know we are always ready to help if we can. And we don’t mistreat anyone. If we do we don’t mean to. I think our record stands for itself.

Enjoyed a short visit with Lisa Hampton. She sure is proud of her 2 year-old grandson, Matthew. 

Sympathy sent to the Watkins family. Janet (Hampton) Watkins passed away.

Doug Nelson visited his Uncle Jerry Nelson. His children and grandchildren are in and out visiting.

We visited Tom and Fay Stevens at Wendy’s. It was hard to give up the Garrison Church where the Stevens go. We miss them and they miss us. It is a good church with nice people in it.

November 16th, Earl Dean killed a large doe. His daughter, Cheryl, was thrilled. He is 93 and when they drove up in the field, he jumped out like he was in his 20’s. His son, Allen, who was down on the farm, helped them load it. That’s what it’s all about – making memories.

James killed a 10 point buck; he could have been an 11, but he broke one tine. We had a time loading him. I was really proud of him. We sure have really enjoyed the time God has given us, getting to do things together. I pray He grants us many more good years.

Rev. Jon Mitchell preached Sunday, December 8, from Ecclesiastes 12:13-14. “Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter! Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good or evil.”

December 12  – James and I visited a few minutes in Ozark with Jim and Linda Anderson. Looks like Sparta living is doing them good.

Friday, Gary Harris and Jo Maggard visited. They were looking for their little dog. They had been cutting her Dad, Jerry Nelson, some firewood. 

My apologies to John and Connie Slier. They were at their son’s, Brad, also for Thanksgiving. She was the one who invited us, but we didn’t try to go. We weren’t up to par. 

Connie and John kept great-grandson, Landon, while Kaylee went to watch the Bears at Columbia. They enjoyed that time with baby Landon. 

The Silers annual family gathering was at the Plainview School; a large number attended. 

Lavon (Nelson) Jones funeral was December 18. She was buried at High Lonesome Cemetery; some call it Mt. Olive Cemetery. They need a sign to specify what it goes by. Years ago people called the church High Lonesome and were shocked to hear it called Mt. Olive. Lavon was the daughter of Robert and Maudie (Maggard) Nelson.

James and I visited Junior Halcomb. Betty and Connie were gone to Seymour. Rex Halcomb visited his brother and wife, Junior and Betty. The Halcomb’s enjoyed Christmas carolers from Sandy and Mound Church. Brad, their grandson, and family attend Sandy. That was their last stop so they stayed and visited a while.

Hope everyone enjoys Christmas with friends and family. Happy New Year.