Council on Aging – Ava Senior Center

By Tommy Roberts

What a great thing the Skyline School and Skyline community did for us. We can’t say enough how much we appreciate the more than 600 items presented to us for the Meals on Wheels program.

Recent winners of the pitch tournament were Lee Wilcox, Lou Meile and Dorothy Davis. Recent winners in the second pool tournament for the month were: Lee Wilcox, Marshall Stone, and Jim Estep.

The Old Farmer sez: “Don’t interfere with somethin’ that ain’t botherin’ you none.”

The Center says congratulations to the Ava Football Bears on their fantastic season.

The monthly board meeting will be held on Thursday, Dec. 5, at noon. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Husbands, hold your wife’s hand when you go shopping at the mall. It may look romantic, but it’s actually economic.

Cards of some kind are played every day, and you can practice on your pool shooting about any time except when there is a tournament.

If you need to report adult abuse and make a difference, then make the call, 1-800-392-0210.

Our meals are nutritious and wholesome every day. You can eat with us for a suggested donation of only $3.50.  That includes the salad bar, milk, dessert and whatever may be in the crock pot. You just can’t beat it.

From my Mom’s Bible:  Work for God –– the pay isn’t much, but the retirement plan is ‘out of this world.’ 

You realize you’re getting older when your back goes out more than you do.

Until next week, have a good ‘un.