Breedon Church – David Williams

December 2 – Cub read the 128th Psalm with Evelyn Harper opening the service with prayer. The adults read and studied out of Psalms chapters 46 through 49.

 We had 5 in attendance with Kerry Lafferty taking up the morning offering. We had few in attendance because of the Thanksgiving weekend, so we dismissed the service after Sunday School. Closing prayer was by Sue Thomas.

December 8 – Cub read the 128th Psalm to open the morning service. Sister Wilma Hampton said the morning prayer. The adults then studied the 50th through 54th chapters in Psalms.

There were no birthdays or anniversaries for the week. David Williams then took up the offerings with 13 attending the service.

After our song service, Judy Willis and Kerry Lafferty sang a song with the church helping them.

Pastor Cub then read and brought his morning message from Luke 7:1-10. Ronnie dismissed the service in prayer.

A reminder that we will be having our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner on Friday, December 13, at 7 pm along with our Christmas program. Come watch the children put on a program; it will bless your heart. We will also have our monthly singing that night. Come for a night of blessing and fellowship. 

God Bless you all this week. –