Gentry – Charlotte Reich

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Opening our service was Doug Miller.

In our Sunday School class, we studied, despite Israel’s memory lapses, the Lord’s mighty deliverance of Israel from Egypt shows his compassion, power and holiness.

Our special song was by a quartet of Narvil Tetrick, Janice Young, Wanda Casady and Joie Welker.

It was good to see Brenda Dammon back in church after having surgery on her hands.

We had many prayer requests to lift up to our Lord: Diane Allison is facing surgery again, Roy Dotson, and Joanne Welker fell and fractured her shoulder, and many others. Our thanks go out to Bill Comer, Bobbie Miller and Sue Thomas for filling in as piano player for Joanne.

In our evening service, the special song was by Sue and Ronnie Thomas.

Pastor Comer’s message was from Matthew Chapter 17. God wants to be in our lives and meet all of our needs in everything we do. He is not far off from us. We can always ask Him in good times as well as bad times.

From the wisdom of Doug Miller: Everyone should get up every morning at 5:30 a.m., go out in the woods and just sit down. You will see all of God’s creation come to life in His glory. Sometimes we all don’t appreciate the beauty around us.

Our sympathy goes out to the Jo Stephens’ family.