County Line – Veda Bushong

My sister, Jo Stephens, passed away at her home on Monday morning. I send my sympathy to John, Max and Lisa and their families. I will miss her daily phone calls.

Donna Dodson, Butch and Diana Davis, and Michael Dodson stopped by on Monday. Donna took me to have blood work done, but I had to go back on Tuesday.

Sandy Rackley and Jaunita Kazinski called me on Tuesday. Donna came by. Rheba Pool also called one day.

Donna and Macee came by on Wednesday. Jaunita called on Wednesday. She is not able to come to Missouri for the funeral. 

Reece Goforth and a friend left for Dallas, Texas on Tuesday morning and returned home on Thursday night. David and Donna kept his dog, August, for him. He took him home on Friday. He came back to Ava on Saturday after work and went home Sunday.

Quin Breeding and Nick Lawler attended the football game Friday night in Ava.

Megan Goforth came home on Thursday from college and returned on Monday morning. She visited Regan Koop on Friday evening. 

Those here helping hand out candy on Halloween were Macee Breeding, Quin Breeding, Nick Lawler and Conner Prock. Others coming by were Bentley Iotl, Emily & Dylan, Ashlin Parker, Megan Goforth, Melanie Breeding and Donna. I had several trick-or-treaters.

Macee attended a birthday party for Charlee Lafferty Friday evening. They did some bowling and laser tag.

Donna and Megan were here on Saturday. They picked up groceries for me.

Keith Breeding and Quin, Mike Dodson & Bryce,  Chase Dodson and Dallee Porter helped David Dodson on Saturday fix a dog pen. Chase also changed Donna & Bryces’s oil for them. They appreciated the help.

Macee & Quin spent Saturday night with David & Donna. 

Lisa Hensley, Jordan Lada, Seth Hensley, and Donna came by on Sunday afternoon. 

Debra Reed called and said she will be here Thursday.