Black Oak Church – Donna Dodson

But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be save. Matthew 24:13

Brother Jeff Elliott opened Sunday School after we sang. He read James 1:12-18 for the Devotion then dismissed us to class.

Brother Richard Potter took up the tithes and offerings. 

Brayden Lansdown and AnnaBelle Johnson did the penny march for Camp Piland.

We sang Happy Birthday to Brother Richard and wished him many more.

We enjoyed special singing from Wanda Goss, Brayden Lansdown, Theta Nokes, Norma Corpeling and Richard Potter.

It was so good to have Brother Mike and Sister Norma back in church after illness.

Pastor David preached God’s message from Ephesians after he sang.

The children did a crayon game about things we are thankful for with Sister Molly. They had some good answers ranging from God to McDonalds.

Sunday evening began with singing. Pastor David sang then preached God’s message from Matthew 24:3-13. God knows if we want to be in church or not. He knows everything. Each one needs to have their own special relationship with God through prayer and Bible study. Do not wait too late. We will stand for ourselves on judgment day.

Please pray with us for all bereaved, sick, unsaved, unspoken, military, law enforcement, country and leaders. Gary & Theta Nokes, Lisa Blane, Hazel Jackson, Roy Fry, Kay, Betty Satterfield,  Mike Parker, Becky, Zamber & Colt Little, Tiffanee Satterfield, June Dodson, Veda Bushong, Shirley Riley, Dara Strong & family, and each other.

May God bless you all week.