Tecumseh – Linnie Ingram

My son Marlyn, a patient in Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, was moved to the seventh floor recently. Hopefully he will be back to good health soon. He had surgery to repair his aorta and mitral valve. As I write these items on Monday, his sister Karen is there with him along with his daughter and granddaughter. His wife is home in Forsyth to take care of things. Marlyn’s sister Kris and his brother Lyndon and his wife Linaia were also there visiting Marlyn but are back home now.

Sympathy to families who lost loved ones recently. As time goes on, there are newborns and those who are called to their heavenly home. Preparation is necessary. I’ve been preparing for 97 years!

Our Ozark hill country has always been the best to live in, in my opinion. But, of course, to each his own. Crowded cities don’t seem as safe or desirable to me, but somebody has to live there, I guess! They can carry on with their city living, and we’ll stay here, won’t we?! 

As leaves are falling, I know winter is on its way. Time waits for no one. A thought I have had recently is that, if my windows were washed, it wouldn’t look so cloudy outside! 

It is a blessing to have Angela Pleasant as the OATS bus driver helping older people as well as those with disabilities..

I asked my neighbor Paralee Rea for her news, and she said she doesn’t have any or expect any. 

Helen Conardy is in Springfield as I write, getting her new hearing aids. Thanks to her and her daughter Lynn for my good sandwich they brought me Sunday night. I’m glad we’re kin, as my cousin Janet Taber and I have said to each other often.

Thanks to my artist friend, Almeda Hodges, for my pretty birthday card sent back in July. Almeda lives in Shawnee Mission, Kansas. 

My new mail carrier, Kaleb Hubbard, is on the job, replacing his dad, who took Lanell Lewis’ route when she retired. Good mail delivery is important to folks like me.

I recently heard that one of my favorite people, Gene Carter, has been in the hospital. God bless him!

I believe walnut hullers are getting busy. Mine are beginning to fall, and they’re in the way when the grass is being mowed. If we’re not careful, the mower can pick them up and throw them and break a window or do other damage.

Call me with any news, 679-4148!