St. Francis – Gary Kester

Sunday, October 13 was the Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity.  Bishop Hartley began his sermon by noting that it is easy in our complicated world to get lost in our preoccupation with the self and be self-centered, but that this is the sin of pride and goes against God’s purpose; what is really important is that what we do must coincide with God’s purpose.  This theme is reflected in the scripture readings for today. In Psalm 10  the psalmist tells us “The ungodly is so proud that he careth not for God, neither is God in all his thoughts.”   In our Old Testament lesson from Exodus, in which Moses tells Pharoah “let my people go” but Pharoah is too proud  and refuses, only to be taught a lesson in the plagues and loses his army when they try to stop the Hebrews. Then in our Collect prayer we pray “Lord we pray thee that thy grace my always prevent (meaning go before) us and make us continually to be given to all good works.”   In our Epistle Paul tells us “I therefore, the prisoner of the Lord, beseech you that ye walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called…”   To live a Christian life we must understand that we live in a God-created world and live accordingly.

After our service I drove to Walnut Grove Church to take part in their anniversary celebration.  My Great-grandparents, Isaac and Belle Kester, were charter members of that congregation, and, as a child I visited there numerous times with my relatives, Aunt Mertie Osburn and Aunt Lou (Kester) Felton who were active members during those years. I enjoyed fellowship & good music and the history of the church written by Cinita Brown.  A very significant day for those of us connected to Walnut Grove.

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