Gentryville – Ella May Daugherty

Oct. 4 –At last we’ve had a beautiful fall day. Sept. was so hot and dry, it sure didn’t seem like fall.

I’ve had a litlte bit of company this week. Ann Collins and Riley O’Shea visited me Sunday evening. Riley spent the weekend with Ann. Then Wed. morning Bertha Scherer visited me. Then this morning Belinda Heath came up and we had a nice visit.

Twenty-five years ago today, Buck and I were married in Miami, Oklahoma, and he has been gone over ten years now.

Sympathy to the Faye Swofford and Dwight Heath families.

I’ve had more company today. Tracy Griffith and Devin got pizza in Ava and brought it out and we ate and visited awhile. I can’t hardly believe Devin is a senior this year. Seems like your grandchildren really grow up fast.

Doesn’t anyone want some cute baby kittens. I have three I would love to give to good homes. A stray mother cat came here this summer and presented me with five baby kittens.

The only birthday I can think of in October is my granddaughter, Jamie (Hutchison) Snodgrass in Moberly on Oct. 10th.

Until next time, take care and God bless.

Thought for the day: Even through obstacles, God gives us victory.